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Arriving Spring 2019: 

The Perceptive Leader: A Handbook for Leading in an Environment of Uncertainty

The current business environment, no matter the industry, is fraught with volatility and uncertainty, with complexity and ambiguity — a VUCA world. With all of this chaos, how does an organization meet its short-term goals while anticipating and preparing for the unknown future? We are convinced that organizations and its leaders need to build the capability to be more perceptive - more “insightful, discerning, observant”. The Perceptive Leader: A Handbook for Leading in an Environment of Uncertainty provides ten core leadership capabilities to thrive in a VUCA environment.  

The handbook begins with the premise that strategic outcomes are dependent upon two levers: leadership skills and the ability to manage uncertainty. While the ten core capabilities overlap, the first four chapters focus primarily on decision making skills and the final six on managing uncertainty. The ultimate goal of our handbook is to provide leaders with a reference for achieving the best possible strategic outcomes for their organizations and institutions.